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Session Information

2004 Regular Session Highlights

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Local Government

by: Michael Bell
(225) 342-1175


This session several bills were introduced addressing the creations of special districts. Senate Bill 133 by Senator Fields (Act 617) creates the Concord Estates Crime Prevention District in East Baton Rouge Parish as a political subdivision of the state for the purpose of aiding in crime prevention and security of district residents. Also, Senate Bill 218 by Senator Fields (Act 623) creates the South Burbank Crime Prevention and Development District in East Baton Rouge Parish as a political subdivision of the state for the purpose of aiding in crime prevention through the use of such concepts as Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design and Crime Free Multi-Housing. House Bill 24 by Representative Bruneau (Act 230) creates the Lakewood Crime Prevention and Improvement District in Orleans Parish as a political subdivision of the state for the purpose of aiding in crime prevention by providing security for district residents and serving the needs of district residents by funding beautification and other activities and improvements for the district’s betterment. Furthermore, House Bill 235 by Representative Bruneau (Act 200) creates the Lakeshore Crime Prevention District in Orleans Parish as a political subdivision of the state for the purpose of aiding in crime prevention and adding to the security of district residents by providing an increase in law enforcement personnel presence in the district. House Bill 955 by Representative Durand (Act 422) creates the Acadiana Criminalistics Laboratory District as a political subdivision with the power to impose and levy an ad valorem and other taxes to fund the operation of the Acadiana Criminalistics Laboratory, subject to voter approval. Senate Bill 212 by Senator Dupre (Act 622) would change the name of the district from the Terrebonne Economic Development District to the Terrebonne Economic Development Authority and changes the membership of the board of commissioners from nine to eleven voting members and one non-voting member. Senate Bill 545 by Senator Duplessis (Act 917) changes the name of the district from the New Orleans Business and Industrial District to the New Orleans Regional Business Park and adds appointments by the governor, lieutenant governor, the board of commissioners of the Port of New Orleans, New Orleans Chamber Inc. And the Regional Planning Commission for Jefferson, Orleans, Plaquemines, St. Bernard and St. Tammany Parishes while removing appointments by the New Orleans Chapter of the National Business League and the Eastern New Orleans Area Council of the Chamber of Commerce. Senate Bill 839 by Senator Jackson would have placed into the revised statutes certain existing laws concerning the Shreveport Downtown Development District.


Senate Bill 758 by Senator Jones (Act 681) authorizes the city of Monroe to levy an additional sales and use tax up to ˝ of one percent and provides that the proceeds of the tax must be used to provide for the expenses associated with the operation of the fire and police departments of the city of Monroe and only in accordance with the proposition approved by the voters. Senate Bill 801 by Senator Romero (Act 683) provides that the renewal or continuation of sales taxes by local governmental subdivisions or school boards is to be used solely for the purpose or purposes set forth in the renewal or continuation proposition approved by the voters.


Senate Bill 784 by Senator Jones would have authorized the creation of The South Monroe Economic Development District in the parish of Quachita and authorizes the district to issue revenue bonds payable from an irrevocable pledge and dedication of up to the full amount of tax increments available to an economic development corporation. House Bill 1134 by Representative Jackson would have authorized East Baton Rouge Parish to issue revenue bonds payable solely from an irrevocable pledge of "sales tax increments" to finance or refinance an economic development project or from revenues generated by economic development projects.


Senate Bill 288 by Senator Schedler (Act 630) provides that monies may be appropriated from the St. Tammany Parish Fund for support of performing arts/or convention centers within St. Tammany Parish, including use for capital improvements related to the construction, maintenance, and operation of such centers, where 20% of the total appropriation shall be allocated to the St. Tammany Parish Tourist Commission, 40% shall be allocated to the East St. Tammany Events Center District and 40% to Recreation District No. 1 of St. Tammany Parish. Senate Bill 749 by Senator Cain (Act 715) re-dedicates the money of the state sales tax on hotel/motel rooms in the following manner: 20% to the Vernon Parish Tourist and Recreation Commission to be used for "improvements" in Vernon Parish; 10% to the Vernon Parish Council on Aging, to be distributed equally to each of the senior citizen centers in the parish, 12% for the operation and maintenance of the arena facility in Vernon Parish, and the following to be used solely for salary and benefits of law enforcement officers and tourism related activities:(a) 15% to the Town of New Llano, (b) 7% to the Village of Simpson, (c) 7% to the Town of Rosepine, (d) 7% to the Town of Hornbeck and (e) 7% to the Village of Anacoco.


Senate Bill 67 by Senator McPherson (Act 59) authorizes the governing authority of the city of Pineville to expropriate by a declaration of taking property needed for the Susek Drive Project. Senate Bill 799 by Senator Mount (Act 723) provides authorization for the Louisiana Housing Finance Agency to sponsor a statewide community housing development organization to facilitate the development of affordable residential rental housing in Louisiana and to ordinate and fund second mortgage loans to persons or households of ver low or moderate income as defined by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. Senate Bill 855 by Senator Bajoie (Act 731) would create the Louisiana Civil Rights Museum Advisory Board within the Department of Culture, Recreation and Tourism and provides that the office of state museum shall provide for such funds.

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