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Message from Senate President Donald Hines:

Senate President Donald HinesAs Louisiana Senate President, I am extremely proud of the commitment of the members of the Senate to the America’s Legislators Back to School Program. In 2004, the Louisiana Legislature led the nation in the number of members participating in the program, with the Senate having the distinction of the strongest support of the program in the nation.

Beyond the numbers, the program is a win-win situation for students, educators and legislators. It provides all of us in the Senate a wonderful opportunity to meet personally with young constituents to answer questions, share ideas, listen to concerns and impart a greater understanding of the legislative process. At the same time, we have a chance to see first hand what is happening in Louisiana classrooms.

This school year, Louisiana will once again join the national civic education effort with the kick-off of the year-round program set for the week of September 18, 2006. We look forward to the opportunity to help our students - our future leaders - to better understand what our state government is all about and to learn a little something ourselves.


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