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The America’s Legislators Back to School Program is a national bi-partisan civic education effort sponsored by the National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL). The program encourages state legislators to visit students and teachers in the classroom, bringing civics to life, giving young people an opportunity to meet personally with their elected state lawmakers and letting young citizens know their ideas count. Students learn about the pressures, conflicts and difficulties encountered by legislators dealing with public policy problems. Legislators get a first hand look at what it is like for students and educators in local schools.

While the program operates throughout the year in Louisiana, the national effort is focused on the third week in September each year, when legislators across the country are urged to visit classrooms and teach students what it is like to be a state lawmaker.

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For any further information on the program, please contact Sherri Breaux at (225) 342-6145 or Brenda Hodge at (225) 342-9737.

Questions and comments may be directed to
Baton Rouge, Louisiana.