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Redistricting 2011


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Interactive Map - Census Populations Since 1900

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Population Change, Population Density, Apportionment

Preclearance of ACT 24 (SB 1)
DOJ Submission Docs

Louisiana State Senate Redistricting 2011
Maps and Reports

Louisiana State Senate Redistricting 2001
Plans, Maps & Info


5 Submissions for 2000s

Louisiana Census 2000

Key Contacts

Senate & Governmental Affairs

(225) 342-2040

Glenn Koepp
Secretary of the Senate

(225) 342-5997

Dr. William Blair

(225) 342-2591

Alden Clement

(225) 342-0640

Yolanda Dixon
First Assistant Secretary of the Senate

(225) 342-6184

Deborah Leblanc
Secretary of the Senate & Governmental Affairs Committee

(225) 342-9845

Sue Morain
Executive Assistant to the Secretary

(225) 342-2374



Baseline BESE - Assigned Districts - Splits
Baseline BESE - Plan Statistics
Baseline PSC - Assigned Districts - Splits
Baseline PSC - Plan Statistics
Baseline Senate Districts - Assigned Districts - Split
Baseline Senate Districts - Plan Statistics
Baseline Supreme Court - Assigned Districts - Splits
Baseline Supreme Court - Plan Statistics

Federal Register - Vol. 76, No. 27
Louisiana Senate Powerpoint
Legal Requirements Paper
 Legal Requirements Power Point

Redistricting Law 2010

Redistricting Rules

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Civil Rights Division Voting Section

About Section 5 of the Voting Rights Act


Video Archive

Shapefile of SB 1 Reengrossed

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