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Meeting Schedules / Agendas

NOTE:  The meeting times and locations on this schedule are subject to change.  Revised notices can be checked on the wall outside the committee room in which the meeting is to be held, on the bulletin boards outside the House and Senate Chambers (Memorial Hall), at the bill room in the basement, or by calling the PULS line (225-342-2456).  Always refresh your screen to view the most current schedule and agendas.

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Thursday, June 11, 2009
Senate Education Upon Adjournment John J. Hainkel, Jr. Room Adjourned 
Senate Finance Upon Adjournment of Senate Natural Resources Room A-B Adjourned 
Senate Labor and Industrial Relations Upon Adjournment Room C Adjourned 
Senate Local and Municipal Affairs Upon Adjournment Room F Adjourned 
Senate Natural Resources Upon Adjournment Room A-B Adjourned
Senate Transportation, Highways and Public Works Upon Adjournment Room E Adjourned
Friday, June 12, 2009
No Meeting Scheduled.      

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