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The Louisiana Legislators Back to School Program gives legislators in the state the opportunity to meet personally with their young constituents, to put a face to public service, and to answer questions, share ideas, listen to concerns, and impart a greater understanding of the processes necessary for consensus and compromise.

In 1999, the National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL) began the program as a national agenda. Since then, the Louisiana State Legislature has continued the program on a statewide level. The program, which is very popular among members of the Senate and students and teachers across the state, is emphasized as a bipartisan event as legislators help to bring civics to life for students in classrooms across the state.

The back to school program is designed to teach young people - our future voters and leaders - what it is like to be a state legislator. Students learn the process, the pressures, and the debate, negotiation and compromise that are the very fabric of representative democracy.

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For any further information on the program, please contact Morgan Blanchard  at (225) 342-6270 or Brenda Hodge at (225) 342-9737.

Questions and comments may be directed to
Baton Rouge, Louisiana.