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2020-2024 Election Results



Newly Elected Senators

District 4 Senator-Elect Jimmy Harris
District 8 Senator-Elect Patrick Connick
District 9 Senator-Elect Cameron Henry
District 10 Senator-Elect Kirk Talbot
District 13 Senator-Elect Rogers Pope
District 14 Senator-Elect Cleo Fields
District 20 Senator-Elect Michael "Big Mike" Fesi
District 25 Senator-Elect Mark Abraham
District 28 Senator-Elect Heather Cloud
District 30 Senator-Elect "Mike" Reese
District 31 Senator-Elect "Louie" Bernard
District 32 Senator-Elect Glen Womack
District 33 Senator-Elect Stewart Cathey, Jr
District 34 Senator-Elect Katrina Jackson
District 38 Senator-Elect Barry Milligan

Re-elected Senators

District 2 Senator Ed Price
District 5 Senator Karen Carter Peterson
District 6 Senator Bodi White
District 12 Senator Beth Mizell
District 15 Senator Regina A Barrow
District 24 Senator Gerald Boudreaux
District 26 Senator Bob Hensgens
District 29 Senator Jay Luneau
District 37 Senator Barrow Peacock
District 39 Senator Gregory Tarver

Incumbent Senators

District 1 Senator Sharon Hewitt
District 7 Senator Troy Carter
District 17 Senator Rick Ward, III
District 18 Senator Eddie J. Lambert
District 19 Senator Gary L. Smith, Jr.
District 21 Senator R.L. "Bret" Allain, II
District 22 Senator Fred H. Mills, Jr.
District 23 Senator Page Cortez
District 27 Senator Ronnie Johns



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