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Judiciary B Committee

Louisiana State Senate - Judiciary B Committee > Jurisdiction

Legislative instruments and other matter referred to this committee shall encompass the following subject matter:

  • Administration of criminal justice, generally
  • Attorney General, District Attorneys, and prosecutors in general, including compensation, expenses, personnel, facilities, and the like, except retirement matters
  • Civil Code and Civil Code Ancillaries, generally, including without limitation, matters affecting persons generally, marriage, divorce, and matters of family law, tutorship, and curatorship, things generally, use and usufruct, servitudes, successions, donations, obligations generally, extinction of obligations, delicts and quasi delicts, matrimonial agreements, sales and leases, and prescriptions
  • Civil defense and disaster programs
  • Clerks of court and records of the courts
  • Code of Civil Procedure, and civil procedure generally
  • Code of Criminal Procedure and criminal procedure
  • Controlled dangerous substance law and procedure
  • Criminal law
  • Department of Corrections
  • Holidays and celebrations
  • Juvenile Code
  • Law enforcement generally, including the Department of Public Safety and state police
  • Miscellaneous matters not covered by other standing committees
  • Municipal and Parish Courts, Mayor's Courts and Justice of the Peace Court's
  • National Guard, Military Affairs Generally, Code of Military Justice, and the Adjutant General
  • Notaries public and their record
  • Penal and Correctional institutions, except for agribusiness programs, and juvenile and adult rehabilitation
  • Proposed amendments to the state constitution not specificially vested, as to subject matter, in another committee
  • Questions of constitutional rights
  • Regulations and sale of intoxicating liquors
  • Rules of civil law evidence
  • Rules of criminal evidence
  • Sheriffs generally,except matters affecting sheriffs as ex officio tax collectors
  • State boundary lines
  • Supreme Court, Courts of Appeal, District Courts, Family Courts, and Juvenile Courts, jurisdiction of said courts, and judges generally, including compensation, expenses, personnel, facilities, and the like, except retirement matters
  • Traffic offenses and procedure
  • Trust Code
  • Weapons and explosives



P.O. Box 94183
Baton Rouge, LA 70804

Alan Miller
Senior Attorney

(225) 342-2576

Candace Shields
Senior Secretary

(225) 342-0654

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