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2007 Regular Session Highlights

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by: Joe Guillory
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Senate Bill 124 by Senator Broome (enrolled) provides for the formation of certified community development corporations and certified community development financial institutions and provides the requirements for each.

Senate Bill 202 by Senator Cravins (enrolled) authorizes the city of Opelousas to formulate a workable program for the community improvement by utilizing appropriate private and public resources to eliminate and prevent the development or spread of slums and urban blight, to encourage needed rehabilitation, and to provide for the redevelopment of slum or blighted areas or to undertake other feasible municipal activities as may be suitably employed to achieve the objectives of such workable program.

Senate Bill 333 by Senator Sheperd (enrolled) provides for the creation of the Jefferson Parish Redevelopment Authority.

Senate Bill 334 by Senator Sheperd (enrolled) provides for administrative adjudication for violations of public health, housing, fire code, environmental, building code, zoning, historic district, permitting, vegetation and nuisance ordinance, the public authority may enforce health, safety and welfare statutes or ordinances or otherwise seek to eliminate blighted property, unsafe structures and equipment, unlawful structures and structures unfit for human occupancy, housing violations or public nuisances in any court of competent jurisdiction in Jefferson Parish.

Senate Bill 364 by Senator Murray (enrolled) creates the French Quarter-Marigny Historic Area Management District comprised of the area of New Orleans lying within the following boundaries: the Mississippi River, the center line of Canal Street, the rear property line of the properties fronting on the lake side of North Rampart Street, the rear property line of the properties fronting on the downriver side of Esplanade Avenue, the rear property line of the properties fronting on the lake side of Royal Street, the rear property line of the properties fronting on the upriver side of Touro Street, the rear property line of the properties fronting on the lake side of North Rampart Street, and the center line of Elysian Fields Avenue to the Mississippi River.

House Bill 332 by Representative Chandler (subject to call - Senate final passage) creates and provides for the Olla, Urania, Tullos, Standard Economic and Industrial Development District in LaSalle Parish.  Provides relative to the governance, powers, duties, and funding of the district.

House Bill 526 by Representative Anders (Act 54),  relative to Vidalia, provides that the Vidalia Riverfront Development District shall be a political subdivision and authorizes the district, through its governing authority, to levy a hotel occupancy tax to be used for a convention center in Vidalia.

House Bill 876 Representative M. Jackson (enrolled) creates the East Baton Rouge Redevelopment Authority.


House Bill 560 by Representative R. Carter (subject to call-House Final passage) would provide that spouses in a proceeding to partition the community property are bound by the valuation of the business entity upon dissolution as set forth in the applicable partnership agreement or articles of organization.

Representative Farrar, House Concurrent Resolution 183, (enrolled), authorizes and requests the Louisiana State Law Institute to study and make recommendations relative to certain laws on the partition of community property.


House Bill 629 by Representative Richie (enrolled) creates the "Louisiana Industrialized Building Act" and provides legislative findings.  Clarifies that industrialized buildings must be in compliance with the wind and flood provisions adopted by the Louisiana State Uniform Construction Code Council.


Senate Bill 33 by Senator B. Gautreaux (assigned to House Transportation, Highways & Public Works) authorizes the Terrebonne Port Commission to regulate commerce and traffic within the port area, consisting of Terrebonne Parish.

House Bill 187 by Representative Pierre (enrolled) authorizes the commissioner of conservation to approve certain oil and gas projects thereby authorizing the expropriation of property for carbon dioxide pipelines.  Further, provides that if the recovery project is in another state, the commissioner's approval consists of confirmation that the applicable regulatory authority has approved the recovery project.

House Bill 967 by Representative Lorusso (enrolled) provides relative to the right to contest expropriations in certain cases.


Senate Bill 232 by Senator Bajoie (Senate accepted conference committee report) creates the Louisiana Housing Counseling Assistance Act, which  provides that housing counseling assistance may be provided through private non-profit organizations which are certified through the La. Housing Finance Agency.  However, no elected or appointed official or an immediate family member of such official shall receive anything of economic value through any such organization, as those terms are defined in the Code of Governmental Ethics.

House Bill 486 by Representative Fannin (assigned to Senate Commerce) provides for means of enforcement of the International Residential Code and various other changes to the State Uniform Construction Code.

House Bill 498 by Representative Anders (conference committee report received by the House) provides relative to owners or operators of manufactured home parks or communities.  Provides for the state administrative agent along with the term of the administrative agent, powers and authority of the agent, and the enforcement of the state plan.


Senate Bill 122 by Senator Murray (enrolled) provides for the authority to initiate an expedited quiet title and foreclosure action.

House Bill 298 by Representative Pitre (Act 79) changes the description of the boundaries of an area in which the Grand Isle Port Commission is authorized to work with the La. Sea Grant program in seafood production research.

House Bill 796 by Representative Gray (Act 115), provides with respect to the administrative adjication of public health, housing, fire code, environmental, and historic district violations.


House Bill 409 by Representative Cazayoux (enrolled) exempts contracts between co-owners of intellectual property from the state procurement code when one of the co-owners is an accredited Louisiana college or university.


Senate Bill 256 by Senator Hollis (Act 131) authorizes automobile dealers to collect a documentation and compliance fee, not to exceed $100 in order to comply with state and federal laws.

House Bill 32 by Representative Hill (Act 16), authorizes the local governing authority having territorial jurisdiction over Ward 1, Allen Parish, to allow the constable of Ward 1, justice of the peace court, Allen Parish, to use any surplus automobile in the possession of the governing authority.  Requires a sign or decal with the insignia of the court to be placed on the vehicle.

House Bill 126 by Representative LaFonta (Act 65) and (HB 557 Rep. Honey, enrolled) authorizes purchasers of certain scrap metal to electronically maintain certain data and to make certain information available to law enforcement upon request.

House Bill 524 by Representative Jack Smith (enrolled) provides for the titling of vessels.


Senate Bill 143 by Senator Duplessis (subject to call House Final passage) provides for the cancellation of a mortgage, and also vendor's privilege, when the paraphed note is presented and when the paraphed note is lost or destroyed.

Senate Bill 175 by Senator Murray (enrolled) provides for running of prescription in certain actions to enforce zoning restrictions or regulations in the Vieux Carre section of New Orleans.

House Bill 739 by Representative Gallot (enrolled), provides for changes relative to the cancellation of mortgages and vendors privileges.

House Bill 961 by Representative Damico (enrolled) provides relative to the cancellation of certain mortgages and vendor's privileges.


Senate Bill 15 by Senator Hines (Act 117) authorizes the governing authority of Allen Parish to name a branch library plaza in the parish in honor of a living person who was instrumental in establishing the parish library; served on the American Library Association Board; and served as a member of the parish library board of control.

Senate Bill 50 by Senator Theunissen (Act 164) names the educational and recreational center located in Bunkie, Louisiana the Cecil J. Picard Educational and Recreational Center.

Senate Bill 168 by Senator Kostelka (enrolled) authorizes the governing authority of Ouachita to enact ordinances regulating or prohibiting the growth or accumulation of grass, noxious weeds, or other deleterious or unhealthful growths, trash, debris, refuse, or discarded or noxious matter from the owner of any lot located within recognized subdivisions outside municipalities in the parish.

Senate Bill 240 by Senator Amedee (enrolled) requires the office of facility planning and control of the division of administration to adopt rules and regulations, which require certain state-funded major facility projects meet energy efficient requirements.

Senate Bill 327 by Senator Jackson (Act 135) authorizes the governing authority of the city of Shreveport to name a civic center in honor of James C. Gardner, a living person who served as mayor from 1954 through 1958; served as a state representative from Caddo Parish from 1952 through 1954; served on the Shreveport city council from 1978 through 1982 and was elected chairman of the first city council to serve under the new mayor/council form of government.

Senate Concurrent Resolution 53 by Senator Jones (subject to call-House Final passage) directs the board of supervisors for the University of Louisiana System to rename the Assembly Center the Coach Fredrick C. Hobdy Assembly Center.

Senate Concurrent Resolution 71 by Senator Marionneaux (enrolled) requests the Department of Public Safety and Corrections to change the names of the three state juvenile residential facilities from Louis Jetson Correctional Center for Youth, A.L. "Red" Swanson Correctional Center for Youth, and Bridge City Correctional Center for Youth to Louis Jetson Center for Youth, A.L. "Red" Swanson Center for Youth, and Bridge City Center for Youth, respectively.

House Bill 516 by Representative Dorsey (Act 154) provides that the A. Z. Young Park shall be established on public lands formerly occupied by such state building in the city of Baton Rouge at 755 N. 3rd St.  and bounded by the LaSalle Building, North Third Street, the Pentagon Barracks, and the Capitol Park Welcome Center. 

House Bill 677 by Representative Thompson (pending conference committee) transfers the Louisiana Political Museum and Hall of Fame from the Dept. of  Culture, Recreation and Tourism to the Dept. of State.  Creates a museum governing board and provides for its powers and duties.

House Bill 831 by Representative Honey (enrolled) renames the Honors College building at Southern University, at Baton Rouge, the "Dr. Dolores Richard Spike Honors College" building.


Senate Bill 148 by Senator Schedler (enrolled) authorizes the secretary of the Department of Health and Hospitals and the commissioner of administration to enter into a lease agreement of certain buildings and improvements at Southeast Louisiana Hospital in St. Tammany Parish to the Methodist Home for Children.

Senate Bill 150 by Senator Barham (enrolled) provides for the disposition of certain furniture and equipment purchased for legislators, upon their termination of office.

Senate Bill 164 by Senator Cassidy (enrolled) provides that the La. State Board of Medical Examiners may acquire, develop, maintain, expand, sell, lease, mortgage, borrow funds or contract with respect to immovable property as it may deem necessary or appropriate.

Senate Bill 171 (Act 10) by Senator Mount amends description of the certain immovable property to be transferred located in Calcasieu Parish from Chennault International Airport Authority to the Board of Supervisors of Community and Technical Colleges, for the use and benefit of its Sowela Campus, in exchange for forgiveness of a certain debt owed by the authority to the state of Louisiana.

Senate Bill 180 by Senator McPherson (enrolled) authorizes the transfer of certain state properties.

Senate Bill 249 by Senator Bajoie (Act 130) authorizes the transfer of certain state properties located in Rapides Parish.

Senate Bill 319 by Senator Murray (enrolled) prohibits the use, without the consent of the Sewerage and Water Board of New Orleans, of the logo and any reproduction, counterfeit, copy, or imitation in connection with the sale, offering for sale, or advertising of any goods or services.  Provides that whoever violates law may be subject to a fine not to exceed $5,000.

Senate Bill 321 by Senator Hietmeier (Act 177) authorizes the transfer of certain state property in Plaquemines Parish.

House Bill 62 by Representative Crowe (Act 17), authorizes the transfer of certain state properties in St. Tammany Parish by the division of administration to the city of Slidell.  Effective upon signature of governor or lapse of time for gubernatorial action.

House Bill 74 by Representative Crowe (Act 20), authorizes the coroner of St. Tammany Parish to acquire immovable property, requires the coroner to receive millage tax payments approved by the citizens of the parish, provides for uses of the coroner's tax, including salaries, and requires the coroner to prepare an annual report.

House Bill 114 by Representative Bowler (Act 21), extends authorization for sale or lease of certain state property located in Jefferson Parish to the Jefferson Parish School Board to be used exclusively for the construction of facilities for the Harahan Elementary School to August 15, 2008.

House Bill 194 by Representative Frith (enrolled) relative to the disposition of certain collections in Vermilion Parish, and provides that the monies shall be allocated only to a public or quasi-public entity of the state of Louisiana, who is in good standing with the secretary of state, and recognized as a tax exempt organization under the provisions of the Internal Revenue Code.

House Bill 198 by Representative McVea (Act 24), requires East Feliciana Parish to use a contractor prequalified by the state for historical restoration work in the restoration of the parish courthouse.

House Bill 450 by Representative Burns (enrolled) provides that the proceeds from the sale or lease of timber or fruit harvested from property in the custody of the Dept. of Health and Hospitals shall be deposited and credited to a special fund to be known as the Dept. of Health and Hospitals' Facility Support Fund.

House Bill 582 by Representative Winston (Act 103), authorizes the transfer of certain buildings, structures, and facilities from LSU to St. Tammany Parish, but prohibits the transfer of mineral rights.

House Bill 802 by Representative Beard (enrolled) relative to the purchase of immovable property by political subdivisions.


Senate Bill 212 by Senator Bajoie (Withdrawn from the files of the Senate) provides that there shall be one real estate officer within the real estate office for Orleans Parish who shall be elected by the qualified electors of the parish of Orleans.

House Bill 307 by Representative Damico (Act 35),  provides for the renewal time period and delinquent fees of certain real estate licenses.

House Bill 317 by Representative Geymann (Act 39), prohibits a residential mortgage lending licensee from engaging in a loan transaction when also acting as a real estate licensee in connection with the same loan transaction.

House Bill 704 by Representative Pinac (enrolled) provides for various changes to the State Uniform Construction Code.

Representative Hutter, HCR 11, (enrolled), authorizes and directs the Louisiana State Licensing Board for Contractors to consult with the attorney general in the development of proposed homeowner's rights legislation.

Representative Pinac, HCR 190, (enrolled), requests the Louisiana Real Estate Commission to study the suitability of current educational and professional standards applicable to real estate licensees within the state.


House Bill 137 by Representative St. Germain (Act 71), provides for the seizure and forfeiture of property as contraband, derivative contraband, or property related to contraband.


House Bill 321 by Representative Burrell (subject to call Senate final passage) allows monies in the Unclaimed Property Leverage Fund to be used for construction of portions of I-49.

House Bill 531 by Representative Montgomery (enrolled) allows monies in the "Unclaimed Property Leverage Fund" to be used for construction of portions of I-49.